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Education is a wonderful thing! But we don’t believe it has to happen within the confines of a classroom. University can be a fantastic, enriching experience but it isn’t for everyone, and it certainly isn’t the only route to a happy, fulfilled and well paid career. We are on a mission to transform the way we define potential.  One of our super heroes, TED talk star and education specialist, Ken Robinson, says it more eloquently than we can: “We tend to elide academic ability with intelligence, but human brilliance takes many forms”. Check out some of awesome ambassadors who #diditwithoutadegree here!

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Hattie Wrixon, Founder @ UNFM

Q: Why did you start UNFM? A: After leaving school at 17, I found it hard to find a platform providing advice and support about my decision to not go to university. Initially UNFM started as a very home made blog documenting my experience of finding work until my readers grew and decided I wanted to do this full time.  I believe passionately that not going to university does not need to define you and that you can use it as your greatest asset.  

Our mission

Our mission is simple; to transform education. If you want to join our journey, we would love to hear from you! hello@unisnotforme.com