Wrekin College head says “Degrees being shunned by brightest pupils”

Hattie / 30th Jan, 2017 / News

“Degrees being shunned by brightest pupils”

So states today’s Times article by @nicolawoolcock .

Tim Firth, headmaster at the independent school, Wrekin College in Shropshire, made the statement as the college opened a new, £1 million business school. “University is no longer the automatic choice for high achieving teenagers – it’s not the ultimate path to success.”


“It is important to create opportunities for children to experience a taste of real life sooner than we may have felt the need to in previous generations…children should be taught about failure…and respect should be given to school leavers choosing the apprenticeship route…”

Quite honestly, we can’t think of anything more to add to Mr Firth’s words so we won’t – except to say hurrah to them and Wrekin College’s forward thinking. Oh, and perhaps get a Twitter account? Watch this space as we hope to get an interview with Mr Firth!

To read the full article – click here.


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