Will my apprenticeship cause me serious university FOMO?

Hattie / 28th Sep, 2016 / Advice

Fomo, (aka fear of missing out) is the anxiety that an exciting event is happening elsewhere. When our friends head to university we aren’t just left to wonder if wonderful events are going to take place without us. We get to see every smile, laugh and party without us, every-single-day on our newsfeeds.

When you are trying to come to terms with your future and leaning towards an apprenticeship rather than university, you can find yourself stuck with fear that you could miss out on the times many label “the best years of your life.”

Because, who doesn’t want them…really?!

When faced with these scary opinions we need to be strong to reflect on what this outlook isn’t considering: individuality. It is not as simple as saying that university is better for your career or apprenticeships lets you off without a loan – neither is perfect for everyone. There are apprenticeships, entry level jobs and school leaver college schemes where a degree will not help you anyway, and some employers could not care less about you having a degree unless it is 2:1 or over…

As a soon-to-be school leaver you could currently be worried you will miss out on the fun things that student life has to offer such as freshers week, living in student accommodation and joining societies. And yes, while you probably won’t have exactly the same experience being an apprentice, it still has its own FOMO tackling positives…

No student loan

As an apprentice you get to “earn while you learn”, meaning that you get paid for your efforts. While university students are racking up tens of thousands of pounds in debt, you will earn your qualification with money in the bank instead of a large debt waiting to be paid off.

Gain experience

While students are spending three years or more earning a degree before they start what might be an entry-level graduate job, an apprentice will already have three or more years of experience when the students graduate. There are also students who swiftly realise that what they studied isn’t what they want to focus their career on, meaning that they are essentially back on square one while having lost a lot of time.

Work on your social life

At university everyone has a blank slate and is on the lookout for new friends – this is not the case anywhere else in life. However, you can put yourself out there and build on your social circle yourself. When you begin your apprenticeship make sure you talk to everyone you see, go for that drink, see what people are doing for lunch. Chances are there will be a lot of like-minded people there that you can connect with.

Going to university merely because of the social aspects you *could* miss out on is a really bad idea and could see you three years later with a degree in something you do not enjoy and a massive loan to pay back.

Make sure that you are passionate about what you do, and if an apprenticeship is the way to get there – don’t hesitate to go for it.

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