The many advantages of an apprenticeship

Hattie / 4th Nov, 2016 / Advice

By Milkround

As an apprentice you get to learn a trade while you earn, they are usually 1-4 years long, and you study towards a certificate. You also get to work alongside professionals and gain real-life experience while getting paid for your efforts. An often overlooked career path, there are many advantages to being an apprentice and it can be the perfect way to kick off your career after finishing school.

Earn while you learn

Instead of piling up a student loan that you could be paying back for years, you are being paid from the start and while you learn everything you need to know about a vocation. It’s also the perfect time to join one of these schemes as the new budget revealed that the minimum wage for apprentices will go up by 20% to £3.30 an hour in 2015.

Climb the career ladder

By joining the workforce as a school leaver you will be years ahead of graduates when it comes to experience, which is something that is seen as more and more valuable by employers. And as your employer is taking the time to mould you into their optimal worker they naturally want you to be a success, and will give you all the support you need along the way. If you work hard and are a good fit for the company there could even be a permanent offer after your apprenticeship ends, and if there isn’t you have earned a competitive edge in your job search – something which is extremely valuable in today’s climate.


Gain valuable skills

As an apprentice you are learning by watching and doing, which will teach you skills you will have use of throughout your career. Generic things like teamwork as well as working independently, how to behave in the workplace and how to take responsibility will always be important characteristics of a good worker and an apprenticeship will teach you these along with the more vocational ones.


By not spending your time in a classroom but an actual workplace you are being exposed to one of the most valuable things you can have: contacts. Get to know people and keep in contact even if your place of apprenticeship doesn’t end up being your permanent employer. This will ensure that you have a potential safety net – not to mention many new friends.

If you have decided that you’re not attending university, or are undecided, an apprenticeship might just be the thing for you. So many sectors are available to you, such as IT, retail, banking, accounting and much more. Have a look at the widespread selection of available ones, see if there’s a career path there that suits you, and start your working life off with a bang.

For more information on opportunities and advice go to https://schoolleavers.milkround.com/



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