Jack Baker’s two weeks with UNFM

Bekah / 14th Jun, 2015 / Advice

There is a lot of expectation as you move through your formative years to somehow know the path you want to take, despite being an angry teenager and therefore in the worst possible situation to make these significant and potentially life changing decisions. This was evidently true in my case, when misjudged A-level choices led to a very disappointing results day. Although I can’t say I was surprised, I put no work or revision in, and had uncertain ideas that maybe I would just be able to wing it. While I don’t think that doing badly in your exams is positive, it certainly opens your eyes to other options – which can’t be a bad thing.

A huge reason for going to uni is it puts off becoming a real adult for another three or four years, so courses are undertaken with haste and without thought, no one is really passionate about a Business Management degree at Oxford Brookes. Now the idea of not having to make adult decisions for three years does really appeal to me, and so does the uni experience but I am glad I decided against the business degree et al.

Oddly I heard about Quest Professional from my dentist, whose daughter had been the year before, she now had a job in insurance and highly recommended her experience. The course incorporates a broad range of business aspects, things that get no exposure in school, and is tailored to the end goal of getting a job in your chosen field.

I went into the course with not even a vague idea of where I wanted to go in my impending career, and at the time of writing, a day before the end of the course, I can say I now have a clear idea of what I want to do and how to get there. I really do recommend the course if you haven’t the foggiest what to do. Even if you do know but aren’t sure where to start, Quest can help you get your foot in the door.

The last feature of the course is a two week work experience placement, and aptly I’ve spent my two weeks here at UNFM. Having never experienced the office environment before, I’ve enjoyed my time and definitely will come away with some invaluable new skills. A large chunk of my time has been taken up by adding to the UNFM ‘London Secondary Schools Database’, I’ve been ringing up schools all over London, and getting the information we need to sign them up to the community of school leavers. I’ve also sat in on meetings, researched the top companies that employ apprentices, tweeted hundreds of UNFM followers and listened to a lot of Bob Dylan. It’s been fantastic to see the inner workings of this exciting and vital company, and I’d like to thank Hattie and Bekah for having me!

“While I don’t think that doing badly in your exams is positive, it certainly opens your eyes to other options – which can’t be a bad thing.”


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