Five steps to ace your prom suit

Hattie / 27th Mar, 2017 / Advice

by Moss Bros

There’s so much excitement about prom. But it’s also the night you tie a bow on all your fantastic school memories before the leap into college, sixth form, or your new working life.

So, make the most of it! That starts with what you’re wearing.

You want to stand out at prom and turn heads. It’s perhaps easier for girls to knock their outfits out of the park. Guys can struggle to make an impression.

To help all you chaps look on point as you bid farewell to friends, the suit experts at Moss Bros. have sorted us with shortcuts to style yourself to perfection and ace your prom suit.

  1. Don’t conform

Unless there’s a strict dress code, bowl everyone over with a killer look that’s true to your personal style. If you’re a connoisseur of casual, give your signature look a formal remix: pair some slim-fit trousers with a blazer and oversized tee.

But, if you’re an old-fashioned gent, you can’t beat an ultra-smart 007-style tux. It’s a classic for a reason.

Not sure whether to buy or rent? If you buy then you have your interview threads for your next step onto the career ladder.

  1. Get the edge

Accessories are a simple but effective way to put your stamp on your outfit and truly own your look.

Sotos Georgalli, Brand and Creative Director at Moss Bros., explains: “If you can’t have a little fun with your look at prom, then, when can you? Wear a tie, don’t wear a tie. Go for a bow-tie, or rock a patterned scarf, if that’s what you’re into.

“The key is to coordinate whatever is around your neck with your pocket square. That doesn’t mean you have to match it – they can be totally different patterns, as long as you pair them in complementary colours.”

  1. Kick back

Don’t let yourself down with bad footwear. Whether you go classic with polished patent dress shoes or opt for blue suede shoes à-la Elvis, step out in style. Remember, your pals have been seeing you in your school shoes for years, so you won’t get away with those.

Feeling rebellious? Go ahead, pair your suit with your favourite trainers – just make sure they’re in pristine condition.

  1. Make the cut

Why should the girls have all the fun? Book a hair appointment and ask your barber for a suitably smart trim, or treat yourself to a cut-throat razor shave. Pick out a decent moisturiser and an irresistible aftershave too.

  1. Capture the moment

Before you know it, the night and school will be a memory. Immortalise it all with as many Instagram-worthy shots as possible. Prom night is your licence to make like Derek Zoolander.

Still unsure? Moss Bros. has the Ultimate Men’s Prom Guide that walks you through everything: choosing a suit cut to sourcing the right shoes, and beyond.

Prom night is the ultimate sign-off to your school years, so fix up, look super-sharp, bust some moves and enjoy.


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