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What's it all about

The television and film industry is one that grows every year, with new exciting job roles added all the time – not all of which involving a degree. The most popular entry level job for this industry is a production assistant, and in this role work experience is valued extremely highly by employers.

As a production assistant, you would support the producer of the programme or film. This means being responsible for the administration and organisation involved in a film or TV programme. Eventually, with hard work and a good track record, you would be able to move up the ranks to a higher position.

To get the experience you need to be confident in such a job, starting as a runner is a great idea. These are the people who are hired to do last minute jobs usually on the day of filming. Ranging from making the tea to arranging a set, you’d collect plenty of experience and on the job training that will look amazing on your CV.

What will I be doing? 

What will I be doing?

  • hiring studio facilities and equipment
  • booking hotels and making travel arrangements
  • attending production meetings
  • copying and distributing scripts
  • keeping records
  • continuity checks

Routes in

The best way to get into a career in TV and film production is to collect as much work experience as you can. While many companies in this sector do offer work experience, they’ll receive hundreds of CVs a week asking to do a week or two. You need to make sure yours stands out.

This might seem difficult when you’ve not had any work experience yet, which is why you need to include all the important skills you have that will make you perfect for a future job in the industry.

As well as work experience, there are qualifications you can get without going to uni. Diplomas and btecs are available in all sorts of media related topics that would be relevant to a career in the film and TV industry. If you don’t feel like A-levels are for you, you could always do a distance learning course while you work and earn some money too.

What skills will I need 

What skills will I need

  • IT skills
  • Confidence
  • Time management
  • Good under pressure
  • Initiative
  • Team work
  • Problem solving
  • Enthusiasm

Been there, done that

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