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What's it all about

Almost everyone in the UK uses IT as part of their daily lives – so it comes as no surprise that there is such a high demand for IT workers in Britain. Although you could get a degree in IT, it certainly isn’t necessary and there are plenty of opportunities for you to work in the industry without going to university.

Due to the fact that so many IT jobs are vocational, on the job training and lots of experience is valued highly by employers and is offered by most IT companies.

Job positions can range from coding to designing software – it all depends on which company you look for and what specific area you’re interested in. Because IT offers so much diversity, it wouldn’t take long for you to be able to fill up your CV with a wide range of skills that can be applied to your job.

What could I be doing 

What could I be doing

  • coding and programming
  • refining and improving functionality
  • providing communication and network support
  • diagnosing and resolving faults
  • developing and implementing software solutions
  • designing and maintaining websites

Routes in

IT has many theoretical elements to it that you have to learn, however it can all be applied practically so it’s up to you whether or not you want to study in higher education or on the job.

One of the most popular methods of getting a career in IT started is through an apprenticeship, and there are plenty of places to apply from your local repair shop to Microsoft itself. An IT apprenticeship means learning all the theory elements to the job while applying it practically – and earning money at the same time. Gaining work experience means you’ll have a better understanding of the industry than the people finishing their degree course a year after you’ve finished your apprenticeship!

As well as the apprenticeship route, there are also plenty of online courses and distant learning options if you wanted to learn in your own time and gain qualifications that will stand out on your CV.

What skills will I need 

What skills will I need

  • Problem solving
  • Customer service
  • Clear communication
  • Organisation
  • Fast learner
  • Basic computer skills

Been there, done that


Kimberley Bolton, Microsoft apprenticeship ambassador  

Kimberley Bolton, Microsoft apprenticeship ambassador

Throughout my time at school, I always knew uni wasn’t for me. The thought of being the first in my family to go excited me, but the thought of being able to pay my way by myself excited me more. To be in a large amount of debt and give up years of my life at uni, as I saw it, did not interest me.

After being the first female to win Microsoft Apprentice of the year I was contacted by Microsoft to become an Apprenticeship Ambassador and I am now the Women in Tech Events Lead.

My apprenticeship gave me a ‘foot in the door’ to a Microsoft Gold Partner, allowing me to build up skills in the IT sector, build connections and learn some amazing skills. I have now progressed my role to a new Microsoft partner called K3 CRM and believe I have come on leaps and bounds.

Expert opinion

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