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We provide information, inspiration and advice for young ambitious people exploring the alternatives to university. We follow the successful lives and careers of other young professionals who #diditwithoutadegree to help inspire you and make an informed decision. Check out our awesome ambassadors below and read their stories here!

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Joshua, Tech Entrepreneur

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Zoe Ledsham, Trainee Lawyer

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Anouska Cope, PR Apprentice

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Ollie Forsyth, Entrepreneur

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Kayleigh Anderson, EY School Leaver Programme

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Merlin McCormack, Classic Car Entrepreneur

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Kimberley Bolton, Microsoft Apprentice

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meet the UNFM team

Hattie Wrixon, Founder @ UNFM

Q: Why did you start UNFM?

A: After leaving school at 17, I found it hard to find a platform providing advice and support about my decision to not go to university. Initially UNFM started as a very home made blog documenting my experience of finding work until my readers grew and decided I wanted to do this full time.

Q: What’s your advice to young people unsure about university?

A: Don’t panic. There are tons of alternatives available, just make sure you explore all your options. If you’re worried about telling your parents, make sure you’ve got a plan and are actively looking for work to reassure them that you are not going to be sitting at home for the next three years doing nothing.

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We are passionate about sharing inspiring and engaging stories on the site. We are constantly looking for new ways to inspire the next generation to look at all their options after school. Our UNFM Pioneers are wonderful examples of successful people who did it without a degree. If you’d like to share your story, please get in touch!